College Regulations and Student Conduct

Procedures relating to “Rules and Regulations for Maintenance of Public Order,” the “Student Code of Conduct” and “Hearing Procedures,” are available on-line annually in the Student Handbook and made available to all students. Additionally, an “Academic Dishonesty Procedure” and a formal “Grievance Procedure” for the benefit of the College’s students and employees are outlined as well. All students should become familiar with these policies and statements. Failure to read these important sections of the Student Handbook will not excuse the student from any violations of these College policies. Employees and students are also encouraged to read and be familiar with the Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Policy.

The authority and jurisdiction of the College to discipline students under the terms of the Student Code of Conduct shall extend to misconduct which occurs on or off campus which may adversely affect the interests of the College and/or the safety and wellbeing of members of the College community.

Students are expected to maintain standards of conduct that will reflect credit to the College and the community in accordance with the adopted policies. Student athletes must meet NJCAA academic standards and abide by a special code of conduct for athletes to retain their eligibility to participate in athletics.

Herkimer College has a formal discrimination and harassment policy for the benefit of its employees and students. This policy will be used for the review of allegations employees or students have against other employees or students of Herkimer College. A complaint may be filed for any unlawful discrimination against someone in regard to race, color, religion, gender, age, creed, national origin, marital status, disability or any other characteristic protected by federal or state law.