Credit by Examination (CPE)

The College may grant credit by proficiency examination to students whose previous training, experience or independent study has provided them with the appropriate background.

The New York State Education Department, in co-operation with colleges and universities throughout New York State, has established a program of examinations whereby individuals who have developed college-level competencies outside of the formal classroom situation can demonstrate those competencies and receive credit for them. The examinations, now available in more than 30 subjects, are developed by faculty members from higher education institutions in New York State.

Herkimer College participates in the College Proficiency Examination Program and will grant course credits to students who pass CPE’s consistent with the offerings of the College.

Further information on CPE can be obtained from the Registrar’s Office.

Also, information can be received directly from the State Education Department by writing to:

College Proficiency Examination Program

State Education Department

Albany, New York 12224