Withdrawal from the College

Students wishing to withdraw from ALL of their classes at Herkimer College during the semester must follow the formal procedure.


Procedure to withdraw from classes

  1. Obtain the Herkimer College Withdrawal Form from the Bursar's Office.
  2. Complete  and sign the withdrawal form.  Return it to the Bursar's Office.
  3. If available, the Bursar or Assistant Bursar will counsel you regarding the financial implications of withdrawing from the college.
  4. When possible, you will be referred to all relevant offices for required signatures and receive appropriate counseling from those offices.
  5. The Registrar will certify the Withdrawal Form.  The official date of withdrawal will be the date which the Registrar certifies the form.

Students who do not follow this procedure will be carried on the College rolls and will receive failing grades for all courses in which work is not completed.  Mere absences from the class does not constitute withdrawal.  Unless you officially withdraw from the College, you will be appropriately graded by your instructors, normally an "F".

The last day to formally withdraw from the College and receive "W" grades is the end of the tenth week of classes, or the equivalent time period (67%), in the case of a course of shorter duration that a full semester.

No partial refund of tuition and fees can be made until a student has officially completed the withdrawal procedure and the withdrawal has been certified by the Registrar.

A hold will be placed on the student records until the College determines that all student financial obligations have been met.  Students receiving federal and/or state financial aid may be subject to reductions in financial aid based upon the last date of attendance and adjusted tuition amounts (when appropriate).

Students Residing in On-Campus Housing

Students living on campus who withdraw, must vacate the residence halls and remove all personal belongings from the premises no later than midnight of the date on which the withdrawal becomes effective.  For regulations governing room refunds and deposits, please refer to the Herkimer Residence Life housing contract.