Withdrawal from a Course

Students may drop/add courses or make section changes through the third day of classes during the fall and spring semesters for full-term classes. Drop/add for the mini and summer sessions is allowed on the first day of class. Evening class drop/add is allowed up to the second class session. Students may drop/add courses providing space permits. These changes will not appear on an official transcript. Following the official time period for dropping and adding a class, a student may withdraw from a course. This will be noted on an official transcript. Students who do not formally withdraw in the Registrar’s Office will be carried on class rolls, and will receive a failing grade for all assignments and tests not completed. The last date to withdraw formally from a course is the end of the tenth week of classes, or the equivalent time period (67%), in the case of a course of shorter duration than a full semester.

Any adjustments in charges will be based on the date the schedule changes are completed.