Guidelines for Granting Physical Education Credit for Participation in an Intercollegiate Sport:

  1. Students successfully completing an intercollegiate sport shall receive one (1) credit toward their P.E. activity graduation requirement.
  2. Maximum credit to be earned in this manner is one (1).
  3. Coaches will be responsible for reporting to the Registrar which students have successfully completed the sport and have earned the credit.
  4. Team managers will not be eligible for receiving physical education activity credit.
  5. Students may receive transfer credit in the following situations:
    1. Varsity sport appears on transcript for two (2) credits. Only one (1) credit may be awarded.
    2. Varsity sport on transcript for zero (0) credits with proper documentation from sending institution. One (1) credit may be awarded.
    3. Varsity sport not on transcript. If student can provide written documentation from sending institution, student may be awarded one (1) credit.