Course Overloads

An overload is defined as a course a student wishes to take above and beyond 18 credits in a given semester. Physical Education Activities (one credit hour course) and Honors Program are exceptions and do not need to meet the criteria.

The following criteria are used in determining approval for an overload:

  1. Overloads are exceptions and not the norm.
  2. The student should have a GPA of 3.25 or higher in course work completed at Herkimer College.
  3. The student should not have withdrawn from a course in any previous semester. (The impact is to elevate QPA and indicates that the student was unable to handle the normal load during that semester).
  4. Generally, overloads are not allowed for freshman students.
  5. Seniors with the approval of the Associate Dean may overload to meet graduation requirements.
  6. There is a maximum of 22 credits allowed per semester, NO EXCEPTIONS.

All overloads must be approved by the Associate Dean of the Division.