College Now Concurrent Enrollment Program

College Now is the concurrent enrollment program (CEP) at Herkimer College. Concurrent enrollment programs are cooperative agreements between colleges and high schools that offer high school students the opportunity to take college courses in their high schools. College Now courses are taught by high school instructors who have been recommended by their principals and meet the qualifications required of part-time faculty at Herkimer College. College Now instructors are required to follow the same guidelines, policies, and standards as part-time faculty members who teach on campus. The College Now program is accredited by the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP). NACEP accredits those partnerships that meet the national standards in five categories: curriculum, students, faculty, assessment and evaluation.

To be eligible to take College Now courses, students must receive approval from their guidance counselors and obtain signatures from their parent/guardian prior to registering. Additionally, students must meet the pre-requisite requirements of certain Herkimer College courses. For more information about the College Now program, call 315-866-0300, extension 8273 or visit