Change of Course/Curriculum

Students may drop/add courses for any given term as per the schedule posted by the Registrar’s Office. Students may add courses providing space permits. Schedule changes are initiated with the student’s assigned academic advisor.
Following the official time period for dropping and adding a class, a student may withdraw from a course. This will be noted on an official transcript. Students who do not formally withdraw in the Registrar’s Office will be carried on class rosters, and will receive a failing grade for all assignments and tests not completed. The last date to withdraw formally from a course is the end of the tenth week of classes, or the equivalent time period (67%), in the case of a course of shorter duration than a full semester.
Applicable fees may apply. Any adjustments in charges will be based on the date the schedule changes are completed.
Students wishing a change of curriculum (major) must complete the appropriate form obtained from the Advisement Center. The first curriculum change is free, all changes after are $25.