Audit Policy

A student who wishes to audit a course, on a space available basis only, must obtain permission from the instructor of the course and the appropriate associate dean. With permission of the instructor, the auditor may submit written work for feedback. The final grade of “AU” (audit) will be assigned and a record of the course being audited will appear on the student’s transcript.

A student wishing to change his/her status must follow the procedure for changing a course. Changing from audit to credit or credit to audit basis during the semester will not be permitted after the fifth instructional day of the semester or the beginning of the second class meeting for an evening, summer session, mini semester or shorter session course. Credit for an audited course cannot be established at a later date except by enrolling in the course for credit in a subsequent semester and satisfying all course requirements at that later time.

A part-time student auditor pays full tuition and fees for the course and attends under the same regulations established for full-time student auditors.

Students wishing to register for a class on an audit basis must contact the Registrar’s Office.

Separate receipts for payments of a class on an audit basis are given to students who are also registered in a class(es) for credit. This eliminates the problem of a person registered for nine credit hours and three audit hours becoming classified as a full-time student.