PL 271 Legal Studies Capstone

This course is designed to provide an integrative culminating experience for senior students in the Paralegal Program. There is a didactic component of the course that is completed by all students which involves various assignments and discussions involving ethics and current issues in the legal profession. Students enrolled in this course must also complete either (a) a ninety (90) contact-hour supervised practical experience in a law firm or other approved legal setting under the supervision of an attorney or (b) they must, under faculty supervision, successfully complete and present a written Capstone project. Each student may select the option ('a' or 'b' above) that best fits his or her individual circumstances and career goals. This Capstone project will require the student to research, write, and present a major paper on a contemporary legal topic and must demonstrate the student?s ability to integrate the legal knowledge gained throughout the program, ethical standards of the profession, and the student?s critical analysis skills into a written work product. Prerequisite: Second-year status. Note: Offered spring semesters only. Contact Hours: (3,0)