HU 282 Communication & Media Capstone

This course is designed to further develop and perfect skills involved in media creation and to offer opportunities for direction and leadership in assuming command, in delegating responsibilities, and in planning and executing media creation. Methods of media creation and message delivery include but are not limited to live and pre-produced video production, digital photography, traditional one camera digital cinema style production, live and pre-produced audio and radio production, multitrack music/soundtrack production, and graphic design. This course includes production of various types of media programs designed for public display including any and all current and developing electronic delivery means such as television, radio, online video, websites, blogs, social media and other evolving methods of message creation and delivery. Students in this course will have various campus media as an outlet for their creations including but not limited to HCTV, WVHC-FM, campus social media outlets, online outlets such as video and media hosting sites, web sites, and print and signage material. Special emphasis will be placed on coordinating a cohesive media creation approach that accounts for multiple distribution channels and multiple methods of end user reception of created media. Prerequisites: HU 136 and HU 148. Contact Hours: (2,2)