HU 136 Fundamentals of Media Creation

This course is designed to explore the fundamentals of visual and auditory aesthetics within the context of communicating to diverse audiences through various media, including but not limited to video, studio based, digital cinema and new media creation methods. Students will examine a number of media content creation issues including but not limited to: Elements of composition for moving and still image, issues of lighting and sound, image acquisitions, editing and output via traditional studio, field or other methods. Students will apply their knowledge by creating a variety of media productions using contemporary equipment, practices and techniques commonly found in traditional studio television/video creation, radio/audio/soundtrack creation, live media, post production media workflows and current/evolving media creation considerations for web based media creation. Special emphasis will be placed on coordinating a cohesive media creation approach that accounts for multiple distribution channels and multiple methods of end user reception of created media. Contact Hours: (2,2)