HS 250 CarePath Course

This course is in collaboration with the Mental Health Association of NYS (MHANYS) to expose students to a training modality that teaches about the process of recovery mindset. Students will be trained under the CarePath? Program to help individuals and their families manage stress the first 90 days post-discharge from any treatment through methods of reducing stress and promoting confidence for avoiding crisis, reducing hospitalizations and improving overall health outcomes. The course incorporates tools for creating a wellness mindset and addresses the social determents of health while learning the interconnectedness of the eight dimensions of wellness. The CarePath ? course will provide students with training through the required modules to become certified CarePath ? Coaches through MHANYS certification and successful completion of the course.This course is open to Human Services majors only and will only be offered in the Spring semester. Students will not be permitted to take this course without successful completion of HS111, HS120 with a C or higher and with completion of EN111, EN112 and EN228. Contact Hours: (3,0)