Pre-Employment Corrections Basic Training




The Pre-Employment Corrections Basic Training Course is the first of the two phase program that leads to a correction officer obtaining a certificate of completion for a course equivalent to the Basic Course for Correction Officers. This first phase of pre-employment may be presented to both civilians and sworn correction officers.

This course will prepare students for a career as a correction officer prior to being hired by a correctional facility. As a further benefit, the program provides correction facilities and municipalities with a diverse pool of trained correction officer candidates.

Pre-Employment recruits receive over 90 percent of the basic training required to become correction officers in New York State. Courses include various law classes, defensive tactics, professional writing and communication skills, physical fitness, various procedures required of a correction officer, and many more. The firearms and police baton course are not included in the Pre-Employment course as recruits must be hired by a correction agency prior to receiving these two courses of instruction.

Student Entrance Requirements:

Civilians or sworn correction officers may attend Phase 1 of the Pre-Employment Correction Basic Training Course. Students:

  • Be citizens of the United States of America or lawfully residing within the United States of America.
  • Not have been convicted of a felony.
  • Possess either a high school diploma or a General Education Diploma (GED).
  • There are no minimum or maximum age requirements for students.

Program goals:

  • Introduce student to the field of corrections and the requirements necessary for the successful completion of the Correction Basic Training Course as mandated by the New York State Municipal Police Training Council.
  • Provide students with an overview of different types of correction methods, including laws, procedures, and policies.
  • Enable students to acquire skills necessary and appropriate for use in the correctional settings.

Successful graduates from this program will be able to:

  • Demonstrate mastery of the core skills of the basic correction academy as mandated by the New York State Municipal Training Council.
  • Demonstrate and express knowledge in all aspects of the function and operations of a correctional facility.
  • Exhibit appropriate interpersonal and communication skills necessary to thrive in a correctional setting.

Career Opportunities:

All correction officers are required to complete the Correction Basic Training Course to be employed by a corrections agency. Although the program does not guarantee admissions to a corrections agency, in combination with the phase 2 portion, all students will have met and exceeded all requirements of basic training mandated by the New York State Municipal Police Training Council. Upon successful completion of phase 1 of the Pre-Employment CorrectionBasic Training students will have two (2) years to be hired by a correctional facility and complete the phase 2 portion. They will receive a Correction Officer Basic Training Equivalency Certificate.


First Year

1st Semester

CJ 191Law for Corrections Officers


CJ 193Communication Essentials


HE 189Physical Fitness&Wellness


Total Credit Hours:11.0

2nd Semester

CJ 190Adm of Corrections


CJ 192Corrections Applications


CJ 194Issues in Corrections


CJ 195Ethics for Corrections


Total Credit Hours:12

Total Credit Hours: 24

For more information, contact the Humanities and Social Science Division at (315) 866-0300 or toll free 1-844-GO-4-HERK, ext. 8430.